Michael McConnell

 Michael McConnell

STAT Non-Medical

Transportation Services

 “Aging Connections (AC) is a phenomenal platform that promotes the connectivity and collaboration of individuals who support our aging population. There’s always the opportunity to build relationships with area professionals, attend physician led educational programs, as well as connect one-on-one with community leaders. Aging Connections is a catalyst for uniting & promoting aging-focused organizations… enabling individuals to become better community resources. My favorite aspect of Aging Connections is their member-sponsored listserv communication system! There are three area-focused listservs that provide an instant connection with area professionals in Northwest Indiana, Michiana, and Fort Wayne; enabling members the tool to promote industry specific services and advice… as well as the opportunity to ask area experts aging related questions… enabling everyone to be a better resource for the people we serve.”

 "Aging Connections of Michiana (ACOM) is a networking, marketing and educational non-profit group that started in Mishawaka/South Bend and is rapidly growing across Indiana.  The group consists of organizations that work with our aging community and members are health professionals, senior service agencies, long term care facilities, home health services, hospice organizations, medical equipment, elder law, financial experts, physicians, etc.   I believe in this organization so strongly that I am involved as the ACOM Kosciusko County Area Director and on the Board of Directors."

 Marlies Look
Marketing Representative
Goshen Home Medical

 Savanah Ulmer

Savannah Ulmer

"I want to share a lovely moment I had with a recent inquiry. A family was just starting to look into senior living options for their mom and started out at a community they knew in passing. When it turned out that that community was not the best fit for their family, they couldn't believe that community referred them to some options that were a better fit to what they were looking for. They couldn't believe that a "competitor" would try and help another business, so I got to share with them how awesome our Aging Connections Community is! So, thank you, to each and every one of you who are the "coopetition" with the passion for helping seniors and their families!"

I love being a part of Aging Connections of Michiana! I may not be able to make every meeting, however it is nice to receive the email updates and questions. As a community of varied resources, we all work together to help our senior patients/families/residents have a smooth as possible transition to the next stage of their journey. Thanks to opportunities provided by Aging Connections, I know and trust the leaders of our area resources and have a level of comfort in knowing that the family I am recommending will be well cared for. I know in my heart that the trust I have for our resource providers shines through as I am speaking with prospective families/residents. 

Shawn Sieplinga

Shawn Sieplinga

Director of Sales and Marketing

Hellenic Senior Living Mishawaka


Kate McDonald 
Kate McDonald, MSW

Senior Marketing Director 
Silver Birch - Mishawaka

When I first started my job at Silver Birch over 4 years ago, I kept hearing from multiple associates that I needed to be a part of this marketing & networking group. It was the best thing that I have done, not only professionally but also personally. This organization is made up of such a great group of individuals who really care about the seniors in our community and doing what is best for them, not just the organization we are affiliated with. Every member of this group is always willing to help, and if they don’t know what to do, they know someone who does! If you haven’t already joined this group, you are missing out!