Membership Benefits



Aging Connections - Membership Benefits


Through membership in AC, you will have the opportunity to participate in exceptional training programs, gain exposure for your business at numerous events, take advantage of the many business services we provide and be given first choice of any referrals for service or information.  The benefits of becoming a member of this dynamic organization are tangible and intangible, personal and professional… it can advance your professional knowledge & career, present building blocks to increase census, expand market awareness and serve as a research platform.

Below are some of the most important reasons for joining… we hope that you will find this information helpful and join us through your investment of funding, talent, & time.


Advertising is great…but so are public relations and community affairs!


Attending and sponsoring events and programs includes all three branding strategies in one effective multifaceted strategy. Sponsorship through the AC initiatives give your company increased visibility, publicity, and brand recognition you need in a positive and receptive environment. When you sponsor an event or program, your company benefits from:


Awareness building through exclusive Aging Connections’ Events.


Companies that want to be recognized for being industry leaders and community partners welcome the benefits of association with important business events. If your company needs to have name recognition with business professionals, healthcare executives, community leaders and other influential business decision-makers, our events & programs are the answer.


Sponsorship opportunities!


Public recognition can't be purchased – it must be earned. Our events and programs are supported with their own advertising campaigns… and so are their sponsors. Your company's brand name is included in collateral materials and print advertising to help you lock in this valuable public recognition. Exposure in broadcast, print and on-site advertising ensures heightened sponsor brand recognition among a carefully targeted audience of business professionals and community members.


Access to new business relationships!


Our one-on-one marketing programs allow companies to open relationships with dozens of new clients and customers. Of course, these events are also ideal for renewing and strengthening relationships with existing contacts.


We offer countless opportunities for members to build relationships and connect with their colleagues and peers. Our events (with eligibility to host or be a spotlight speaker) and monthly “after-hours” offer avenues to talk about issues that matter with people in all sectors, not just your own, but across the boundaries of research, practice, advocacy & policy. Networking can also assist in developing cooperative partnerships with area professionals, community leaders and the community-at-large.


Member discounts!


Members receive free or preferred pricing at all AC events – a smart investment in your future.


Member-only referrals & opportunities!


AC receives requests for resource information daily… and only paid member’s information is given to those inquiries.


Utilize AC’s Logo


Put the AC brand behind you when you become a member. Members can proudly display their affiliation with our not-for-profit association by posting AC’s Logo on their marketing & communication materials, thus setting themselves apart from other service providers.


AC's Website

Interact with your peers, consumers and interested parties across the country! You’ll find essential information, research, career tools, expert advice and much more. Searchable member directories are available on the website and members also have the option to display their company’s logo with a link to their website on the chapter home page banner.


Social Media


Interact with your peers, interested consumers and referral sources through AC’s Facebook Page by starting discussions, raising questions, sharing information about your business or special events or by simply posting food for thought.


Business & Marketing Resources


Many aging-focused professionals are self-employed or run small businesses. AC’s business and marketing resources are tailored to our profession and keep you abreast of the latest technologies, trends, and strategies… as well as changes in our local market.

Aging Connections’ Listserv


The Most Misunderstood and

Under-Utilized Member Benefit!


Connecting with and engaging your target audience is at the core of any successful marketing strategy. Although there are many ways that today’s businesses accomplish these and other goals, the use of a listserv is one of the most overlooked strategies available. As a result, many organizations that work with our aging communities miss an opportunity to increase their brand’s reach and generate new business. Knowing how Aging Connections’ ListServ effectively will provide you with greater insight into your target market while enhancing your client base.


What is a ListServ?


A listserv is an automated mailing list server used to broadcast messages to its members. Messages sent are received by individuals through their email account, and they can subscribe or unsubscribe from the service at any time. When a user subscribes to a listserv mailing list, they’re automatically included in future deliveries so that you can engage them on an ongoing basis. Users may post messages that other group members can see, which further encourages the development of community and increases the engagement of your recipients over time.


The Benefits of Using a ListServ


The many benefits of using a listserv are rooted in email’s effectiveness as a convenient and efficient form of communication for online users. Using an email list leverages that efficiency and allows you to communicate with an even larger group of users with a single message.


Why is this good for you? AC’s listservs are the glue that holds us all together! Need information? Looking for services? Want to share information about your business? Having an event and wanting to invite like-minded individuals? (And they can share your information with their friends too) There’s no better place to reach a large, targeted group who can immediately help you… enabling you to become a more informed resource for your community. It is an amazing tool! Anyone who is interested in receiving information is welcome to join, but only paid AC Members can post to the listserv.


Getting the Best Results from the ListServ


Using a Listserv Provides


An effective channel for communicating your marketing messages to your target audience.


Provides a big boost to your marketing strategy, but many organizations still don’t know how to use it effectively.


We are always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding using or getting the most out of our listserv.


By connecting with a larger audience, you have greater success in delivering your brand’s message and connecting with those users who want and need your services.


Be a Listserv Sponsor


Being a sponsor is a great marketing tool… and the best part of a sponsorship is having your information at the bottom of every email that is sent through our service!